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Rooms rates

By its height under ceiling and its large figures, Nostra Demora will remind you of its primary function: a hotel, know in the past by the name of the Verdier's Hotel.

We wanted to keep these details. The new design and ornaments of the hotel maintain the previous appareance and the name of the rooms preserve the concept of the past.

Our three rooms are configured so that a group of 11 people can find its place.

All our rooms have their own bathrooms as well as their toilets. A cot if available if you need. Furthermore, the wifi network is available for free in each of them.

The magnificent King's room was born to remind us of the visit of Alfonso XIII to these places. It is a family room of 29m² which can easily accomodate a family of 4 people (or 5 with a toddler). We can  also provide equipments and beddings for infants.

The charming Védrines' room is a reminder to the famous aviator Védrines. It is a triple room of 27m², spacious and bright to delight your desire of escape.

As for the sublime Mediterranean's room, it is a small nod to our origins.
It is also a family room of 29m ² which can accommodate 4 see 5 people with a toddler.

 Namely: All our rooms are located on the first floor so accessibility for people with reduced mobility is limited.


Une nuit, un week-end ou plusieurs jours, voici nos tarifs qui vous permettront d’organiser votre séjour en terre cathare.

  • Chambres d'hôtes: 

 - Prix allant de 60€ à 90€ pour une

    capacité maximum de 4 personnes.

  • Tables d'hôtes:

 - Repas à partir de 20€ par adulte

    contre 12€ par enfant (considéré comme

    tel à compter de 6 ans et jusqu'à 10 ans


Modalités de réservation

    Réservation possible par mail ou par


  • Chambres d'hôtes: 

  - Arrivée à partir de 17h

  - Départ au plus tard pour 10h.

  • Petit déjeuner:

  - Servi de 8h à 9h30.

  • Tables d'hôtes:

  - En hiver, le repas sera servi, vers 19h.

  - En été, le repas sera servi, vers 20h.

  - Si arrivée tardive, possibilité de

     plateaux repas, servis dans la salle


Pour toute autre demande, nous consulter.

Modalités de paiement et d'annulation

  • Paiement:

- Réservation possible par empreinte

   carte bancaire, correspondant au

   montant de la première nuit.


- Versement d'arrhes demandés

   correspondant au montant de la

   première nuit.

  • Annulation:

- Gratuite jusqu'à 2 semaines avant


- 1 semaine avant l'arrivée, remboursement 

   à hauteur de 50% de la somme versée.

- Aucun remboursement ne sera

   effectuée 6 jours avant l'arrivée.

"le luxe de la simplicité...""

Photo contractuelle


   One night, one weekend or several days,

   find our rates below for your convenience

   and organisation of your stay in the

   Cathar land.

  • Bed & Breakfast: 

 - Prices ranging from €60 to €100 for a
  maximum capacity of 4 people in

   familiar's rooms.

 - Possible configuration for groups.

  • Guest tables:

 - Meal from €20 per adult and €12 per  

   child (6 to 10 years old).



How to book

    Booking available by email or by phone.

  • Bed & Breakfast: 

  - Check in from 5:00 pm

  - Check out at the latest by 10:00 am.

  • Breakfast:

  - Served from 8:00 am to 9:30 am.

  • Guest Tables:

  - In winter, the meal will be served, around 7:00pm


  - In summer. the meal will be served,

    around 8:00pm

  - If the event of a late check in, we can

    arrange meal trays, served in the dining room.

For any other request, consult us.

Terms of payment and cancellation

  • Payment:


   - Deposit required corresponding to       the amount of the first night.

  • Cancellation:

   - Free up to 2 weeks prior to arrival.

   - 1 week prior to arrival, refund of       50% of the amount paid.


   - No refund will be made 6 days prior to arrival.

"The luxury of simplicity...""

Ours Bathrooms

Mediterranean's Bathroom.jpg
King's Bathroom.jpg
Vedrines's Bathroom.JPG
Eternal rose
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